P.O.D. - Payable on Death

Interview/Tour Promotion

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  • Client: P.O.D. - Payable on Death
  • Type: Tour Promotion / Interview
  • Special Thanks:
    Keith Nguyen
    Ed Tagalog
    Joshua Meth
    JR Hall
    Daniel Gaura

P.O.D. (Payable on Death) was formed in San Diego, California, in 1992. It has gone on to chart its own course with worldwide sales exceeding $10 million, hugely successful international tours, and a series of chart-topping radio hits. Over more than two decades, the group has released eight studio albums of original songs, including the triple- platinum Satellite; seen chart success with more than a dozen rock radio hits including “Southtown,” “Alive,” “Youth of the Nation,” “Boom,” the active rock hit “Beautiful,” and its No. 1 single, “Lost In Forever”; received three Grammy Award nominations; and racked up four No. 1 music videos.

We created a short video to promote P.O.D.’s upcoming European tour. It was shot at Venue Name in Pasadena, where our camera crew filmed the performance, interviewed the lead drummer WUV, and cut and edited the one- minute video for use on P.O.D’s social media platforms.

The promotional video was shot in one setting during a live performance in Southern California. Our experienced videographers customized each shot and used a variety of angles to capture every musician’s movements during the live concert. In addition, we used top-quality audio equipment to record crystal-clear sound so every word and note can be heard. At the end of the live concert, a “Meet the Band” segment was shot that features interviews or discussions with band members. The following are some of the production elements we used to deliver this video.

  • Plan: project planning, such as studying venue layout and band’s past performances
  • Preparation: camera set-up, soundcheck, video check
  • Capture: facilitating a variety of angles and video shots to capture every moment
  • Behind the Scenes: “Meet the Band” interviews or discussions with band members
  • Edit: cut video, mix sound, add visuals
  • Deliverable: Two to four hours of raw footage is provided in HD-quality digital files. The footage can be used to repurpose video content from the live performance.
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