Online Business, LLC

Inspirational Video

Project Details

  • Client: Online Business, LLC
  • Type: Inspirational Video

Our client starts online businesses for its customers and wanted an inspirational video to promote entrepreneurship. To do accomplish that objective we created a storyline showing that everyone has it in them to be a leader and start a business. We created a storyboard that maximized effectiveness by telling a story everyone could relate to because most people have dreamed of starting their own business. We used a drone to pan the city for the opening shot and appeal to business professionals.

From there, we shot a variety of businesses and people in a variety of occupations to show that anyone can make their dreams come true by starting their own business. We minimized location costs by shooting many of the scenes at our client’s office and public locations, which worked for this video because sound recording wasn’t needed. For the voiceover, we hired a male with an inspirational voice to set the tone over the motivational background music we chose to fit the scenes perfectly.


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