Merchant Service Group, LLC

Direct Marketing Ad

Project Details

  • Client: Merchant Service Group, LLC
  • Type: Direct Marketing Ad
  • Special Thanks:
    Mane, Moves, & Bodyworks
    Rene McClane
    Chad La
    Rose Nguyen
    Tiffany Nguyen
    Dung Van
    Alexandria Day

This commercial was a direct marketing ad targeting retail businesses. Our client wanted to create a video to promote one of its products, Clover Point of Sale systems. Our client wanted to showcase its top-notch expertise and customer service with Clover POS. To accomplish that, the first location we shot was the client’s office to show its customer service team on the phone supporting merchants and setting up Clover systems for deployment. The second location was at Mane, Moves, and Bodyworks, one of the clients that already uses Clover POS.

We shot the client providing onsite support to the merchant as well as testimonials from the owner and one of the managers. The video was shot when the salon was full, so background noise created a challenge. We overcame it by using state-of-the-art sound-blocking equipment coupled with high-quality boom mics to get the testimonies we needed. We cut the scenes together and added screen texts to emphasize important aspects our client wanted to convey.


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